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Research shows stretch of road in Florida high in car accidents

Florida drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians should be aware that there are certain roads that are more dangerous than others. Research examines which roadways can be particularly risky to those who use them. Discovering why this is the case and taking steps to reduce the number of car accidents, truck accidents and other crashes on the road is vital to making certain that these incidents decrease. While it is known how dangerous some roads can be, a recent study states that one specific road is the worst in the nation.

Boating accidents can happen at any time in Florida

Because Florida is warm year-round, people will often take the water in a variety of different ways. One of the most popular is to go out on a boat. While this is an enjoyable activity for family and friends, there are inherent dangers with it even if it is a commercial boat with an experienced operator. When there is a boat crash, there can be injuries and fatalities. Having legal assistance that is fully aware of how to pursue compensation in a personal injury case after a boating accident is crucial to cover for all that was lost whether there were injuries or a wrongful death.

Danger of bicycle and pedestrian accidents shown as rider dies

Florida is a state in which it is necessary to find an efficient way to get around. Many people prefer to walk or ride bicycles as this can improve fitness and save money. However, there are fundamental dangers with choosing this strategy. Given the number of vehicles on the road in the state and that driving is a necessary evil, there will be vehicles for riders and walkers to dodge. Some drivers are reckless, do not pay attention to the road, are under the influence and more. This can cause a crash with personal injury and wrongful death. After a crash, the person who was hurt and the family of a person who was killed must know their rights to consider a lawsuit for compensation.

Proposed law seeks to reduce distracted driving car accidents

The dangers of texting and driving are known throughout the nation. This, however, does not stop people from taking part in the practice. Many states have taken steps to pass specific legislation against texting and driving and other distracted driving behaviors. Florida has yet to implement serious laws against texting and driving. That might be changing soon as a State Senate Committee is moving forward with an attempt to change the law and make texting and driving a primary offense instead of maintaining its status as a secondary offense.

Wrong-way car accidents a problem

Car accidents can occur in Florida and throughout the country for a variety of reasons, but one of the most dangerous is if a driver is going the wrong-way on the road. While these types of accidents might sound unusual, they happen all-too frequently and cause injuries and wrongful death. When there is a crash and people are injured or killed due to a driver going the wrong-way on the road, it is important to understand how to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

Week dedicated to helping teens avoid car accidents

The number of teens on the road in Florida can be a dangerous factor for everyone. Because of their inexperience and the natural belief that they can multitask, car accidents will happen. These crashes will often lead to injuries and wrongful death. The U.S. and the state are spending a week promoting safe driving behaviors and stressing its importance to teens. The campaign is known as We Arrive Alive and is for Teen Driver Safety Week.

Crane collapse shows danger of construction accidents

Florida construction workers are undoubtedly aware of the dangers they face every day. Whether it is working at great heights, operating heavy machinery, driving large vehicles or trusting others with their lives, construction accidents can cause brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts, lost limbs and wrongful death. Those who are hurt in a construction accidents must know what they will face after the accident has occurred. Lost time at work, lost wages, long-term hospitalization and worse can happen. Often, a personal injury lawsuit is necessary to cover for all that was lost.

Systems to stop distracted driving might cause car accidents

The dangers of distracted driving are generally known in Florida. Law enforcement and legislators are aware of this problem and are actively seeking strategies to make the road safer and reduce the number of car accidents that occur because drivers are not paying attention to the road. However, new information is coming to light about the dangers of being distracted by onboard navigation systems whose specific intent is to keep drivers from becoming distracted and to provide amenities such as navigation. Drivers in Florida and those who are on the road as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists should be cognizant of this.

Three construction workers die in workplace accident

Florida construction workers will likely understand that their job is more dangerous than other forms of employment. Working on high floors with heavy equipment and large tools can place anyone in jeopardy. However, there are steps that employers can take to avoid or mitigate the long-term damage of construction accidents. When there is an accident with injuries or a fatality, those who were affected must be cognizant of their right to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit regardless of the cause.

Study: Children at great risk for car accidents near schools

With the new school year in Florida underway, parents will undoubtedly be concerned about the safety of their children. One of the most prominent dangers they will face is when they are on the way to school and cars, buses and other vehicles are also on the road. While law enforcement strives to make certain that drivers are cautious especially around school areas, that does not necessarily mean that all drivers will adhere to the law. One specific danger is distracted driving.

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