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How drowsy drivers cause accidents

In recent years, drowsy driving has received increased attention as a source of danger on the road. Many states, including Florida, devote resources to information campaigns aimed at educating the public about the hazards of drowsy driving. Nevertheless, sleepy motorists continue to increase the risk of driving for everyone.

The dangers of distracted driving in Florida

Distractions cause drivers to pay less attention to the road, meaning that critical objects and situations go unnoticed. This all potentially results in accidents. Distracted drivers are at risk of injuring themselves and everyone else on the road. The dangers are present right here in Florida, where over 45,000 crashes occurred because of distracted driving in 2015. So what exactly makes distracted driving so dangerous? Is cellphone use more dangerous than other distractions? These questions are answered below.

When quiet is a bad thing: NHTSA requires noise in certain cars

We all like a little peace and quiet. This is especially true during the holiday season, when it seems like every time we turn around bells are ringing and carols are singing. Although the festivities are enjoyable, a moment of quiet to catch our breath is often welcome.

Should truckers be able to keep violations a secret? Court says no.

Some truckers are voicing frustration over the disclosure of various violations to potential employers. The truckers are upset that employers are receiving reports of violations like speeding tickets and other non-serious violations when considering whether or not to hire the driver.

New solar-powered technology aims to prevent car collisions

While driving may seem like a common, every-day activity, any time people in Florida get into their cars and drive, they risk being involved in an accident. In fact, there are many car accidents in Florida every year. Some of these accidents can be very minor, such as simple fender benders. Unfortunately, some accidents are very serious, resulting in very severe injuries or even death. One type of car accident that generally results in serious injuries is head-on collisions.

Do Florida's driving laws keep its roads safe?

Travel on Florida roads is an essential part of many people's days as they need to drive to work, drive to stores and many other places. People generally drive safe, but to help ensure everyone's safety on the roads and prevent car accidents, there are certain laws that drivers must follow. These laws set speed limits, control traffic by having lanes, stoplights, stop signs and many other laws to control the flow of traffic.

Compensation for pain and suffering after Florida car accidents

Car accidents in Florida can cause a variety of problems for the people involved in the accident. At the very least, they have to stop, check their cars for damage and speak with the other driver. Even if there is no damage, the person still has to go through an inconvenience. However, many other car accidents result in significant damage to vehicles and injuries to the drivers and passengers in the vehicles.

Alcohol related car accident statistics in Florida

For the most part, the holidays are a festive time in Florida. There are many gatherings and parties and it gives many people an opportunity to celebrate and renew relationships with the people in their lives. It also happens to be a time when people tend to consume more alcohol than other times of the year. At many of these parties and gatherings, alcohol is available and can help one relax or get into the festive spirit.

Penalties for reckless driving that causes an accident?

Most people in Florida drive safely in order to protect themselves and others on the road. However, this is not always the case. Some people drive too fast, cut people off, pass illegally, run red lights and many other dangerous activities. By driving this way, they put others in danger. Car accidents can occur and people in the vehicles may suffer injuries.

What should Floridians do after car accidents?

Cars and other Florida automobiles are an essential mode of transportation for many Floridians. There are also many other Florida vehicles that are used for business, such as semi-trucks, cabs, delivery trucks and vehicles for many other services. This means that Florida roads are very busy every day. Since humans are the drivers of these vehicles, there are bound to be mistakes made by some of them.

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