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How are taxes different for a S corporation and a C-corp?

Fort Lauderdale residents who have an idea for a business or are considering expanding their business need to have more than a good idea, money and the nerve to take the steps necessary for success. Business formation and expansion are complicated legal endeavors. For example, taxes are a concern for any business, but some do not understand the tax implications of the different types of corporations, like S corporations or C-corporations.

Complex business law matters need experienced lawyers

Business is constantly in flux in Florida and across the country. With today's complicated political climate, businesses need to be cognizant of how to adhere to the law and advance toward their goals. With corporate transactions, it is vital to have a legal firm that is immersed in the law and caring for its clients' needs no matter what business they are in. This holds true whether the issues are linked to a business acquisition, regulatory compliance, a corporate dispute or any other matter that comes up.

Help in Florida business law and being a whistleblower

Reporting wrongdoing in Florida can be difficult, particularly when that wrongdoing is at someone's place of work. However, there can be benefits to those who choose to reveal these illegal behaviors that go beyond the simple matter of doing the right thing. Understanding the whistleblower laws and how they work is beneficial after discovering there has been some sort of malfeasance taking place at a business and reporting it.

Things to consider before starting a business

Following the recession a few years ago, the United States economy has struggled to recover completely. With newer technologies allowing for more automation, businesses outsourcing and cutting staff, the allure of fulfilling one's dream and starting their own business is seeming like a valid option.

Arkansas bank acquires Fort Lauderdale's Landmark Bank

A merger occurs when two companies decide to come together as one to increase long-term profits and expand their operations. In fact, many business law matters center on acquisitions where a larger company acquires a smaller company. A recent acquisition of a Fort Lauderdale bank may mean big things for the parent company of an Arkansas bank.

Filing a claim based on breach of fiduciary duty

Companies in Fort Lauderdale have an obligation to protect their shareholders. When a business law dispute erupts between parties, a breach of fiduciary duty may be the cause of the dispute. Fiduciary duty refers to the responsibility one party has to act in the best interest of another party.

Florida company sued for deceptive trade practices

The business world can be cutthroat and result in intentional and unintentional fraud. Failure to act in good faith can result in ruined reputations and irreparable business relationships. Xiaoyu Abrasive Inc, doing business as Universal Polishing Systems, has been accused of violating business law by using another company's industry knowledge and reputation to improve their own business.

What is involved in buying a franchise?

Purchasing a franchise is a complex undertaking. Anyone interested in this kind of business must enter into a franchise agreement, which is a type of licensing agreement that binds the franchisor and franchisee together. This document explains what the former expects from the latter in terms of operating the franchise business. There are several elements in the agreement, and it is important for the franchisee to understand them all. Since this is a legally binding contract, an attorney experienced with the franchising process can offer valuable assistance and ensure that the franchisee understands the terms, rights and obligations set forth.

Contract disputes: is my business contract enforceable?

Many times, business professionals enter into contracts specifying a variety of business conditions. Once the contract is signed, the parties are generally required to adhere to the terms of the contract. If there is a business law dispute between the parties, the court will step in and help determine the enforceability of the contract. Contracts are a significant part of business law, so it is important to understand what they are and what makes them enforceable.

What are the possible legal remedies for a breach of contract?

When a person or company enters in to a business contract with another person or company, each side is expected to hold up their end of the bargain. Failure to uphold your end is a breach of contract. In business law, a breach of contract can occur in many forms. For example, a breach of contract can occur when a party fails to perform their duties in a timely fashion or does not perform at all.

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