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What Factors Influence Drowning Risk?

There are many regions across the United States where recreational swimming is enjoyed year-round. Whether you enjoy a heated pool, indoor pool or a nice, cooling swim in the Fort Lauderdale humidity, it is crucial you understand the risk factors that you might face.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has collected research and statistics from numerous studies. While some of the risk factors are deeply rooted in common sense applications, some of the factors might surprise you.

Study finds over 40 percent of NFL players have brain damage

Some people in Florida may be aware that concussions and brain injuries suffered by players in the National Football League have been under scrutiny recently. A recent study found that over 40 percent of the former players that were checked had more brain damage than other healthy males of a similar age. Over half also had completing goals, and over 40 percent also had memory or attention problems.

People who play football are put at more risk to suffer traumatic brain injuries, which over time can cause more significant problems such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Another issue is that this brain damage can occur even if the player was not diagnosed with a concussion. The repeated lighter hits can cumulate over time and cause bigger problems later on.

Can one be liable for injuries caused by broken street lights?

Technology continues to improve, making life much easier for Florida residents. Take, for example, smartphones. These products are very high tech and are capable of doing many tasks.

On the other hand, some technology was developed a long time ago and is continued to be used today. One such invention is the light bulb. Obviously the light bulbs people use today are much better than the one that Thomas Edison invented, but nonetheless light bulbs are still essential for people to see when the sun goes down.

New solar-powered technology aims to prevent car collisions

While driving may seem like a common, every-day activity, any time people in Florida get into their cars and drive, they risk being involved in an accident. In fact, there are many car accidents in Florida every year. Some of these accidents can be very minor, such as simple fender benders. Unfortunately, some accidents are very serious, resulting in very severe injuries or even death. One type of car accident that generally results in serious injuries is head-on collisions.

Sometimes head-on collisions are caused by wrong way drivers. One company is trying to change this though. They have developed solar-powered technology that would light up the road, informing the motorist that he or she is driving the wrong way. The lights would be on ramps and would look like railroad crossings. The technology is still being tested, but it has been pitched to officials.

How the spinal cord is labeled and spinal cord injuries

The human body is truly an incredible thing. Each human body part has its own function, and together they make the body work. As people in Florida may have found out first-hand, however, an injury to any part of the body can limit what the person can do. For instance, injuries to the spinal cord or the brain can affect the whole body.

The brain creates the messages and the spinal cord delivers them to where they need to go. Spinal cord injuries prohibit the messages from the brain from reaching their destination. This means that the function the body part was suppose to do will not get done.

One person dies and three injured in fatal accident

At some point in time in people's life they will lose a loved one. Often times it is after the person has lived a full life and family and friends can prepare for it. However, this is not always the case. People in Florida die unexpectedly and this can happen at any age. These unexpected deaths can occur because of sudden illnesses or accidents. These accidents can happen in many places and generally there is no way to predict them.

While the accidents can occur in many situations, one common situation where fatal accidents occur are on the roads. Unfortunately, another fatal accident recently occurred on Florida's roads. A man was driving and pulled onto a road. As he did this another car hit him on the driver's side door. The man was killed, and the two other passengers in his car including his wife were brought to the hospital in critical condition. The driver that hit them was also brought to the hospital and is expected to survive.

Dealing with speech and language issues after a brain injury

People who suffer major injuries in Florida know that the road to recovery can be difficult. Depending on the type of injury the person may not be able to use a certain body part for a period of time, and sometimes such loss is permanent depending on the type of injury. However, recovering from traumatic brain injuries can be more difficult than recovering from other types of injuries. Some people will never fully recover from a traumatic brain injury.

Victims of traumatic brain injuries may suffer from both mental and physical problems. Due to the many different problems that can stem from traumatic brain injuries, the victim may need to see many different specialists.

Hotels in Florida must follow certain safety requirements

People from all around the world come to Florida to vacation every year. While they are vacationing, most will stay in one of the many hotels that line the various beaches and other tourist attractions. Even people who live in Florida will use the hotels for shorter getaways. While these people stay at these hotels, they have certain expectations as to the service they receive. Generally the more people pay, the more they will expect.

However, regardless of how much a person spends for a hotel room, every hotel owner, as a property owner, must follow certain safety requirements to ensure the safety of their customers. Specifically every hotel must ensure that there are functioning locks on every door that either goes outside, to the hallway or that connects another room.

Do Florida's driving laws keep its roads safe?

Travel on Florida roads is an essential part of many people's days as they need to drive to work, drive to stores and many other places. People generally drive safe, but to help ensure everyone's safety on the roads and prevent car accidents, there are certain laws that drivers must follow. These laws set speed limits, control traffic by having lanes, stoplights, stop signs and many other laws to control the flow of traffic.

However, a recent study of safety laws throughout the United States showed that Florida is ranked as one of the worse states when it comes to safety laws. Florida was one of nine states that had a "dangerous lack of basic safety laws."

Meeting financial needs after the loss of a loved one

There are many accidents in Florida every year. These accidents can take place in one's home, at a store, at work, driving on the road, walking down the street and many other places. Some of the accidents do not result in serious injuries, but others result in life-changing injuries and even death. Fatal accidents are extremely difficult on the family and friends of the victim.

When a person suddenly dies in an accident, the family does not have a chance to prepare for it in any way. The family is forced to deal with the devastating emotional pain while trying to figure out how they will continue to live their life without the companionship of the loved one they just lost.

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