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Repeat drunken driver slams speeding truck into Florida home

She was up early, as she was every morning with her preacher husband. She had just walked into the couple's guest room, while her husband just a few steps behind. That was when "a bomb went off," he recalled later.

A speeding pick-up truck smashed into the Florida couple's home shortly before 5 a.m. last Thursday. The vehicle slammed into the woman in the guest bedroom and careened through the dining room, reaching the house's kitchen before coming to a stop. She was killed instantly in the violent collision, Lakeland law enforcement officers said.

Florida teen's dreams end in hit-and-run tragedy

She was a beautiful teenager on the threshold of adulthood and what she hoped would be a career in modeling. All of her dreams were vanquished by a hit and run driver, however, who left her to die on a Florida street earlier this week.

The 17-year-old Tampa high school student was crossing a street just past 8 p.m., law enforcement officials say, on her way home from work. That was when a vehicle struck her and then sped off, leaving her alone on the pavement.

Life upended by car accident, TBI

She glanced up at the rearview mirror and noticed a car behind hers. She looked ahead and saw that traffic had stopped on the highway, as it often did. She slowed, too, but the car behind hers did not. It slammed into the rear of her vehicle at 45 mph.

Doctors initially diagnosed her with bumps, bruises and a mild concussion. No big deal, they said, you will soon be back to normal with a bit of rest. Days of blinding headaches and fatigue stretched into weeks and then months. Eventually she found a neurologist who said she had suffered traumatic brain injury and began the process of helping her to get her life back.

Quadriplegic race car driver to return to the road

With a breath of air, he can make his car accelerate. By inhaling, he applies the brakes to his heavily modified Corvette. He is former Indy Racing League driver Sam Schmidt. A quadriplegic since a crash in a 2000 practice run, Schmidt is a pioneer unwilling to give up the road.

He is to receive the nation's first restricted driver's license for a semi-autonomous vehicle. Though his severe spinal cord injury took away his ability to use standard vehicle controls, his high-tech Vette is equipped to enable him to use his voice, breath and head movements to control the car. 

Tragedy strikes just north of Fort Lauderdale

A mystery has emerged just a few miles north of Fort Lauderdale in Delray Beach. That is where a horrific traffic accident claimed the life of an 82-year-old man who police say was doing nothing wrong. He was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is secrecy involving the actions of a pair of people who were apparently driving powerful cars at high rates of speed right before the crash. A man driving a Lamborghini was driving the car that slammed into the Buick driven by the 82-year-old. A woman, reportedly the girlfriend of the man in the Lamborghini, had been driving a yellow Porsche at the time of the fatal collision.

What Factors Influence Drowning Risk?

There are many regions across the United States where recreational swimming is enjoyed year-round. Whether you enjoy a heated pool, indoor pool or a nice, cooling swim in the Fort Lauderdale humidity, it is crucial you understand the risk factors that you might face.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has collected research and statistics from numerous studies. While some of the risk factors are deeply rooted in common sense applications, some of the factors might surprise you.

Study finds over 40 percent of NFL players have brain damage

Some people in Florida may be aware that concussions and brain injuries suffered by players in the National Football League have been under scrutiny recently. A recent study found that over 40 percent of the former players that were checked had more brain damage than other healthy males of a similar age. Over half also had completing goals, and over 40 percent also had memory or attention problems.

People who play football are put at more risk to suffer traumatic brain injuries, which over time can cause more significant problems such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Another issue is that this brain damage can occur even if the player was not diagnosed with a concussion. The repeated lighter hits can cumulate over time and cause bigger problems later on.

Can one be liable for injuries caused by broken street lights?

Technology continues to improve, making life much easier for Florida residents. Take, for example, smartphones. These products are very high tech and are capable of doing many tasks.

On the other hand, some technology was developed a long time ago and is continued to be used today. One such invention is the light bulb. Obviously the light bulbs people use today are much better than the one that Thomas Edison invented, but nonetheless light bulbs are still essential for people to see when the sun goes down.

New solar-powered technology aims to prevent car collisions

While driving may seem like a common, every-day activity, any time people in Florida get into their cars and drive, they risk being involved in an accident. In fact, there are many car accidents in Florida every year. Some of these accidents can be very minor, such as simple fender benders. Unfortunately, some accidents are very serious, resulting in very severe injuries or even death. One type of car accident that generally results in serious injuries is head-on collisions.

Sometimes head-on collisions are caused by wrong way drivers. One company is trying to change this though. They have developed solar-powered technology that would light up the road, informing the motorist that he or she is driving the wrong way. The lights would be on ramps and would look like railroad crossings. The technology is still being tested, but it has been pitched to officials.

How the spinal cord is labeled and spinal cord injuries

The human body is truly an incredible thing. Each human body part has its own function, and together they make the body work. As people in Florida may have found out first-hand, however, an injury to any part of the body can limit what the person can do. For instance, injuries to the spinal cord or the brain can affect the whole body.

The brain creates the messages and the spinal cord delivers them to where they need to go. Spinal cord injuries prohibit the messages from the brain from reaching their destination. This means that the function the body part was suppose to do will not get done.

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