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Week dedicated to helping teens avoid car accidents

The number of teens on the road in Florida can be a dangerous factor for everyone. Because of their inexperience and the natural belief that they can multitask, car accidents will happen. These crashes will often lead to injuries and wrongful death. The U.S. and the state are spending a week promoting safe driving behaviors and stressing its importance to teens. The campaign is known as We Arrive Alive and is for Teen Driver Safety Week.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are sponsoring the campaign and will seek to highlight behaviors that are safe and those that can lead to crashes. Statistically, teens are at known risk when out on the road. In 2016, there were more than 3,500 fatalities for teens in accidents. Approximately 25 percent of them had been consuming alcohol. A study by AAA showed that an estimated 60 percent of car accidents with teens were due to distractions.

Crane collapse shows danger of construction accidents

Florida construction workers are undoubtedly aware of the dangers they face every day. Whether it is working at great heights, operating heavy machinery, driving large vehicles or trusting others with their lives, construction accidents can cause brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts, lost limbs and wrongful death. Those who are hurt in a construction accidents must know what they will face after the accident has occurred. Lost time at work, lost wages, long-term hospitalization and worse can happen. Often, a personal injury lawsuit is necessary to cover for all that was lost.

A man operating a crane was seriously injured when it toppled over and he fell from an overpass. The accident occurred in the morning on an overpass of an expressway. According to the fire department, the man fell 30 feet as the crane, which had been on a flatbed truck, fell. He was working the crane from controls on the truck. He fell to the pavement below. Fortunately, he was not hit by passing cars. He was taken to the hospital with critical injuries.

Types of injuries that appear later after a car accident

Car accidents happen all the time in the state of Florida. According to data from Florida's DMV, over 200,000 car crashes happened every year between 2005 and 2009. This results in hundreds of injuries every day. 

While many car crash injuries are readily apparent, some do not manifest until weeks or even months later. This is why it is crucial for those injured to see a doctor right away. A medical report on file will increase the likelihood of an insurance company covering the medical expenses for injuries that would ordinarily be tough to prove were a result of the accident. 

Systems to stop distracted driving might cause car accidents

The dangers of distracted driving are generally known in Florida. Law enforcement and legislators are aware of this problem and are actively seeking strategies to make the road safer and reduce the number of car accidents that occur because drivers are not paying attention to the road. However, new information is coming to light about the dangers of being distracted by onboard navigation systems whose specific intent is to keep drivers from becoming distracted and to provide amenities such as navigation. Drivers in Florida and those who are on the road as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists should be cognizant of this.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety did tests for voice and touch-activated screens in late-model vehicles, alternatively referred to as "infotainment." It found that the need to pay cognitive and physical attention to these devices forced drivers to look away from the road for 40 seconds or more when they navigated or sent a text message. Research that was conducted in the past has shown that drivers who look away from the road and are distracted for as little as two seconds are at twice the risk of a car crash.

Lawsuit seeks to undo real estate transaction due to rats

In Florida real estate, the main goal is for both parties - the seller and the purchaser - to be happy with the result. A real estate transaction can be a complex endeavor, especially when it is a private residence that a property owner is selling to another. Various issues will arise. Often, these can be settled amicably and to the satisfaction of all. However, there are also issues that come up that make it necessary to consider a legal filing. Having assistance from an attorney who is well-versed in state real estate law is essential.

A man who bought a condominium on the Florida waterfront found a surprise when he alleges that he discovered it was infested by rats. The man has filed a lawsuit over the issue. The man, who is the son of a state attorney, claims that the real estate company committed breach of contract, fraud and negligence. The buyer says that the company was aware of the rat problem, but did not inform him before he spent more than $380,000 on the property. It is a condominium and has two bedrooms. The purchase was made in June of 2016.

Three construction workers die in workplace accident

Florida construction workers will likely understand that their job is more dangerous than other forms of employment. Working on high floors with heavy equipment and large tools can place anyone in jeopardy. However, there are steps that employers can take to avoid or mitigate the long-term damage of construction accidents. When there is an accident with injuries or a fatality, those who were affected must be cognizant of their right to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit regardless of the cause.

Three men died when a scaffolding collapsed as they worked on a broadcast tower. It has been revealed that the company they were working for has a history of violations when it comes to worker safety. The investigation being conducted by law enforcement is being assisted by members of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The men were on what is referred to as a "gin pole." This was attached to a broadcast tower than reached 100 feet. The men died instantly in the collapse.

Study: Children at great risk for car accidents near schools

With the new school year in Florida underway, parents will undoubtedly be concerned about the safety of their children. One of the most prominent dangers they will face is when they are on the way to school and cars, buses and other vehicles are also on the road. While law enforcement strives to make certain that drivers are cautious especially around school areas, that does not necessarily mean that all drivers will adhere to the law. One specific danger is distracted driving.

Studies seek to determine the precise dangers and a new study from Zendrive explains how risky it is for kids as they walk near schools. According to the study, one in three drivers are behaving in an unsafe manner while in school zones. This is frequently due to them using their cellphones behind the wheel. The study indicates that the most dangerous time for kids is between 4 and 5 p.m. Compared to mornings, afternoons are 40 percent more dangerous. Zendrive looked at approximately 75,000 schools across the nation to come to its conclusions.

Legal help is key after Florida construction accidents

People who work in construction in Florida and across the nation will take great pride in their work. Creating something from nothing is certainly something to be proud about. However, there are inherent dangers for construction workers and any site - no matter how conscientious the planners and workers are - can lead to injuries and death. Heavy machinery, working at great heights, trusting others, sometimes working with explosive materials - all can place people in jeopardy. When there is an accident with serious injuries or a wrongful death, it is vital that the injured person and his or her loved ones understand the importance of a legal filing to be compensated.

While construction workers will have the right to get workers' compensation benefits, there are limits to what can be received. If, for example, a worker suffers brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, the combination of lack of work with medical expenses and long-term care can be financially catastrophic. When the injuries happened at work, it is wise to consider a lawsuit to get compensation to cover for all the needs that the injured person has.

Heat after hurricane causes nursing home wrongful death

The recent aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Florida has left its mark in a terrible way with many people losing their homes, numerous injuries and deaths. Weather can be one of the most unexpected and dangerous issues that people will face. There is often no predicting it and its damage can happen before anyone realizes it. Those who were hurt through the negligence or lack of attention of others should know that there might be the foundation to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Nursing homes and similar care facilities are designed to help those who are unable to fully care for themselves or need assistance to ensure their safety. After the hurricane, a nursing home that lost power left its residents in smothering heat. Eight died as a result. The facility called for assistance about patients who were suffering the ill effects of the heat that followed the storm. The emergency personnel commented on the extreme heat in the facility, particularly on the second floor. Its air conditioning had been inoperative since the hurricane inflicted its damage. However, the facility was still responsible for caring for the patients and did not.

Turning SUV hits assistant principal and causes personal injury

The start of a new school year is a hectic time in Florida and across the nation. People are trying to get their children to school and begin their days as quickly and efficiently as possible. The sheer number of people who are focusing on many different things at once and trying to get them done quickly can cause dangerous circumstances. Just one wrong step can cause car accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents and more. People who are hurt should know that they have the right to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

The dangers of parents dropping their kids off at school was exhibited in an accident that left the assistant principal of a high school injured. The female driver of an SUV had just dropped her daughter off at the school when she turned at a stop sign. She did not see the assistant principal and hit her. The woman that was hit was pinned under the vehicle. According to the law enforcement investigation, the driver said that she meant to hit the brake when she hit the gas. The injured woman was taken to the hospital by air and was said to be in serious condition. The investigation is ongoing and it is unknown whether charges will be filed.

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