Real Estate Litigation

The Right Combination Of Experience To Represent Your Interests

Salpeter Gitkin LLP's collective experience as skilled litigators, combined with a deep understanding of real estate transactions, is your advantage when you need representation for real estate matters. We know the finer points of real estate transactions because we handle them every day. This background allows us to effectively litigate over any real estate issue.

Whether it's a deal gone wrong, developer failures, or residential, commercial or mass litigation scenarios, we have the experience to handle your case. Salpeter Gitkin LLP has represented individuals against large developers for incomplete projects or falling short on promises. We also litigate real estate issues involving buyers or sellers. Our firm was one of the first to handle condominium deposit recovery cases following the real estate boom. No matter how large or small the issue, Salpeter Gitkin LLP is a knowledgeable, experienced resource for your real estate litigation needs.

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