Insurance Litigation

First Party, Third party and Bad Faith Homeowner Insurance Claims

The lawyers at Salpeter Gitkin, LLP are adept at representing homeowners after a property loss at the home against the homeowner's insurance company or a third party responsible for the loss. Our team has helped homeowners after hurricanes, flooding, pipe leaks, and other significant damages to the home. If your claim is denied, delayed or partially paid, you may be a victim of bad faith insurance. The goal is always to recover funds quickly and efficiently so that our clients can enjoy the full use of their home once again.

Health Insurance Recovery for Medical Providers

Our firm represents hospitals, surgery centers, and medical providers in insurance recovery claims against the major health insurance and automobile insurance companies. The insurance industry is notorious for underpaying and failing to pay insurance claims despite services being rendered by the medical providers. We have taken on insurance companies in state and federal courts to ensure that our medical provider clients are paid the dollars that they are entitled to for the services they have provided. Our lawyers are currently working on underpaid claims worth millions of dollars for our clients.