Complex Litigation FAQs

How do you coordinate with all of the people in a mass action suit?

Complex cases have many facets and Salpeter Gitkin LLP is well equipped to handle them all. We have a dedicated paralegal on staff, utilize technology for efficient communication and rely on our network of co-counsel in various states where cases have a multi-state setting. We have also demonstrated our ability to add staff in order to attack a large-scale case effectively.

Do you have the capability to handle any qui tam cases?

Yes, Salpeter Gitkin LLP has experience handling these multifaceted cases including the vast research and writing involved. We've been in the trenches litigating qui tam — in fact, Salpeter Gitkin LLP has taken on a case that the government declined. We are committed to pursuing justice to recover losses and ensure fraudulent entities pay the penalty for fraud, whether as a facilitator or lead counsel.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is one in brought on behalf of many similarly situated people who have been harmed in the same way by the same entity. A group of people with the same or similar situation sue the defendant as a group. Typically one or two plaintiffs are named, but they represent many other people. If they win, they divide up the class recovery fund according to the amount each person lost.

Do you handle class action lawsuits?

Yes. Salpeter Gitkin LLP has strong relationships with several very large firms throughout the country who rely upon us to be their local counsel on various class actions in the state of Florida. These include consumer class actions and securities-based class actions. We also investigate and work on other types of consumer-based class actions as lead or co-counsel. It takes a significant commitment to investigate the wrongdoing, obtain evidence through the legal discovery process, consult with expert witnesses, obtain class action certification and fight the case in court — and Salpeter Gitkin LLP is equipped to handle this process.

Do class actions always involve defective products?

Defective products are at issue in most class actions, but not all. Other types include consumer fraud, corporate misconduct, massive accidents, environmental torts, securities fraud and illegal employment practices.

What is a mass action lawsuit?

Mass action involves representing a large group of people for a single purpose. Salpeter Gitkin LLP has the resources, capability and skill to represent clients in multiple jurisdictions involving complex issues of law in high-stakes litigation. We have experience and dedicated staff to manage the varied interests of a large group of clients, located in different geographical areas.